Cyberfishing is the new tech that makes fishing rods smarter

By combining a lightweight sensor and smartphone app, anglers can now record all the data from their fishing trips and find big fish more often than ever.

The launch of Cyberfishing and its Smart Rod Sensor will usher the world’s favorite pastime into the modern age. Yes, fishing rods are being made smarter.

Anglers can record the time, place and conditions for every catch they ever make, simply by attaching the lightweight Smart Rod Sensor to their rods and connecting it to the Cyberfishing phone app. It means that over time they will have all the data they need to identify the hottest spots and return for even more successful days on the water.

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Data capture with no fuss

Cyberfishing represents a sea change in angling, and at its heart is the ingenious Smart Rod Sensor, which captures all the information an angler wants to remember but often never can – all while allowing him to focus on enjoying his fishing. It clips easily to the rod handle and carries out its functions almost unnoticed.

The Smart Rod Sensor automatically captures data on the number of casts made and the surrounding conditions. And when an angler catches a fish all it takes is a simple touch of a button and the Smart Rod Sensor saves the location instantly. That’s saved and stored no matter how long he fights the fish or however far the wind or the current takes him away from the original spot. And when the day is done? That’s when the Cyberfishing app comes into play. The Smart Rod Sensor connects to smartphones via Bluetooth and the Cyberfishing mobile app saves the captured data for easy access and retrieval.

Attach, Catch and Match!

For anglers, it’s just a case of Attach, Catch and Match.


The Smart Rod Sensor attaches to the rod handle with two hardwearing rubber bands. Its minimal weight means it will not interfere with the performance of the rod.


Enjoy your day and let the Smart Rod Sensor instinctively do the work of recording all your fishing activity.


The Smart Rod Sensor plots the locations of all your strikes and catches. Upload them using the app and you will know exactly where to return next time.

Fishing is changing

Anglers use their phones constantly to take pictures of their catches. It also means there is a hunger for catching trophy fish quickly rather than spending hours finding the best spot. Cyberfishing embraces this changing world by harnessing the use of smartphones and helping anglers return to their hotspots. In the future, the most successful dealers and distributors will be those selling new tackle that combines with smartphone technology.

Cyberfishing Smart Rod Sensor – simply a natural addition to any angler’s tackle box.

Smart Rod Sensor and
Cyberfishing app features



How many casts did you make during your trip? Cyberfishing knows.



Touch the button to save your most successful fishing locations.



Records the weather conditions as you fish.



The data from every trip saved for easy access.



Builds up a visual map of your catches.



The Smart Rod Sensor weighs just 9 grams.



Clear and easy to read, even in poor light.



Ideal for long days on the water.



The charger attaches quickly and effortlessly.



No concerns for anglers in tough conditions.

Technical information

Cyberfishing is a cloud based infrastructure for anglers.

The set-up includes:

  • 1 x miniature device with display, called the Smart Rod Sensor, that attaches to the fishing rod. This features a 3-axis accelerometer, which is able to capture any movements and vibrations in the rod. Also a Bluetooth low energy module to communicate with smartphones.
  • A set of special native mobile applications for Apple iPhones and Android based devices, which work with the Smart Rod Sensor to gather and process the captured data and transfer it to the backend server.
  • Backend server, which stores and analyzes all the data received from all mobile apps used by customers.
  • User portal, that give each customer access to his personal historical data and the ability to share it with customers.

CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree

Cyberfishing made waves by being named as a CES Innovations Awards Honoree at the giant tech show in Las Vegas. An annual program that celebrates outstanding design, the CES Innovation Awards recognizes honorees across 28 product categories. Cyberfishing was recognised in the Wearable Technologies category. As every angler knows, the right fishing rod always feels like an extension of his arm. This recognition at its first ever CES underscores Cyberfishing’s mission to change the face of angling.


China Fish 2019 Best New Product Award winner

Within weeks of its official launch onto the market, Cyberfishing was named the best new product in the Electronics category at the prestigious China Fish show in Beijing. China is the global center of fishing tackle manufacturing, and the China Fish show traditionally showcases the best launches from the world’s top tackle suppliers. To be judged the best product by visitors to the show underlines the sales power of Cyberfishing.


Double winner at EFTTEX 2019

Cyberfishing’s greatest triumph to date is its double victory at the EFTTEX Best New Product Awards in Brussels in June. There, at its official launch to the European trade, Cyberfishing was voted winner of the first ever Best New Electronic / Application Technology award. Even better, it was also announced as the overall Innovation of the Year, ahead of all products launched at the show, confirming it as the most talked-about new product in angling.